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The mission of Performance Driven Physical Therapy is to take each client to the next level. Whether it is your art, sport or fitness, PDPT can help you reach your peak performance.  Analyzing and optimizing your technique, your muscle imbalances and your functional deficits will help you reach your best performance.  

"My extensive experience with athletes, performing artists and the general population allows me to provide one-on-one specialized care to the client."

 - Angie Koonin, PT, LAT, ATC, Owner


For patient safety, Performance Driven Physical Therapy will be following the latest CDC guidelines including:

  • Screening & temperature taking of clients prior to appointment
  • Thorough hand washing and sterilizing all equipment and surfaces
  • Client and therapist wearing masks during appointment
  • Maintaining social distance practices when not delivering hands-on care
  • Private session with therapist and client


Angie Mutch Koonin is the owner of Performance Driven PT with over 20 years of physical therapy and athletic training experience on the field, backstage and in clinical settings.

Angie currently works part-time as the physical therapist at UNC-School of the Arts. She is an American Red Cross Instructor.  

Angie's previous work experience includes:

  • Speaker & Organizer Winston-Salem Dance Medicine Conference 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

  • PT for RCR Racing/ NASCAR

  • Co-founder at Greg Ott Center For Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, Charlotte, NC

  • Head PT for NC Dance Theater (now Charlotte Ballet); developed Wellness Team

  • Covered numerous NYC Broadway Show

  • Covered So You Think You Can Dance Traveling Tour in Charlotte

  • PT for Carolinas Rehabilitation in Charlotte

  • PT for Accelerated Rehab in Chicago, IL    

  • PT for Joint Effort PT in NYC

Angie started Performance Driven PT to serve the Performing Arts community in the Triad. while reaching other athletes and those individuals striving for greater levels of fitness.

She is an athlete herself.  She enjoys training for and running marathons.  Her biggest accomplishment was running the Boston Marathon in 2019.  

Her education includes a Master of Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts with an Athletic Training concentration from UNC-Chapel Hill.  She trained at NYU's Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. 

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  • Manual Therapy, 
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Heat
  • Ice
  • TENS
  • Therapeutic Exercises 
  • Home Programs
"Angie Koonin is honestly one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. You may be wondering how this relates to your physical therapy, but let me tell you, when you’re losing faith in your own body’s capacity to recover, Angie’s there to make you believe not just that you can complete the task at hand, but that you can complete it better than you have before. Her innovative, function-focused exercises find ways to creatively and efficiently improve your physical health, providing increased performance and confidence. Angie will take into account all aspects of your life and form a holistic plan of action to maximize your potential in more than just the physical aspects of your life. If you are looking for truly effective performance driven physical therapy, Angie is the physical therapist with whom you simply must work.
A specific example, if you’re interested:
For a few weeks, Angie had me completing stability and strengthening exercises that to me, at the time, related nothing to my chosen activity (ballet). However, during one of my first few classes back while recovering from my ankle tendonitis, I completed a pirouette and, for the first time in my 10+ years of dancing, I felt my hamstring muscle engage as I transitioned into an arabesque in plie! It was the simplest moment, but it made me search out how I could be more exacting in all of my movements, something I never would have experienced without Angie’s expertise. "
                                -Hannah Marchok, Ballet

"...One treatment of trigger point dry needling and manual therapy and the migraines were gone.  I have gone back to her for back pain,  This has take a little lonnger but she has done an amazing job for finding source and treating it with dry needling again.  She is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend.  Absolutely a true professional. "
"Angie is amazing@  She is super kind and professional and knew exactly what treatment and after care I needed for my TMJ.  She will always be my first call for anything PT related from now on."

"It is hard to put into words how grateful I am for the genuine commitment, care, and support I received from Angie during my recovery. This was a monumental shift for me as a dancer, and Angie walked me through every moment with compassion and grace. There is not a day that goes by where I do not feel indebted to her and all she has done for me. Angie made sure to always check in with me mentally as well as physically, which was extremely important for me during my recovery. I have learned so much from her and from this injury, and will never forget what excellent care I received from her. After working with Angie, I feel committed to taking care of my whole self for the rest of my life."

                                 -Kiera, Contemporary Dance



"My son is a baseball and basketball player. He had surgery over a year ago.  Angie has been instrumental in his return to play at a high level!  ...."

"Amazing experience.  Angie is super knowledgeable in the art of anatomy and has amazing results.  I had surgery 5 weeks ago and my knee is already 90% better.  She is super beneficial for dancers because she was one herself.  She actually listens to the patient's needs and genuinely cares about you.  I will continue tele-health while away at college dancing at a conservatory."

                                 -Bella Villa

"PDPT has been critical to my physical recovery... I have tried several other PTs in the area, only to be given supervised workouts without much treatment...  Angie does everything that a person cannot do mobilizations, massage, cupping,  dry needling and other modalities... I couldn't be more pleased with my results."  
                         -Brian Waldrep, Professional Ballet Dancer


  • On-Site Physical Therapy
  • TeleHealth Physical Therapy
  • Temporomandibular Disorders TMJ /TMD
  • Tension Headaches
  • Preoperative 
  • Postoperative Care
  • Performing Arts Technique Evaluations
  • Athletic Evaluations
  • Running Evaluations
Performance Optimization 
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Programs
Off-Site Lectures
  • Dance Studios
  • Music Classes
  • Sports Teams
Off-Site Teaching
  • American Red Cross CPR, AED, BLS, First Aid
Patient Forms

Patient Forms

New Patient

Performance Driven PT does not participate with insurance plans.  We will customize your care to your individual needs and goals every visit. 

PDPT accepts credit cards, Venmo, cash, check, & Zelle. 

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